Meet MinIO: The HackerNoon Company of the Week

4 May 2024

We are back with another article for the HackerNoon Company of the Week series! Every week we feature an awesome tech brand from our tech company database, making their evergreen mark on the internet. This unique HackerNoon database ranks S&P 500 companies and top startups of the year alike.

This week, we present our business blogging partnerMinIO - a high-performance, S3 compatible object store, built for large scale AI/ML, data lake and database workloads. It runs on-prem and on any cloud (public or private) and from the data center to the edge. MinIO also offers features like data replication, lifecycle management and high availability, making it a top choice for modern cloud-native applications.

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Meet MinIO: #FunFact

Do you know that MinIO is open source under GNU AGPL v3? Open source is the key driver of technological innovation and here's how the company shares its support and belief in the role of open source in AI revolution:

"Embracing a philosophy of extreme open innovation, companies that truly participate in open-source software development challenge traditional notions of competitive advantage by acknowledging that not all good code or great ideas reside within their organization. This shift supports the argument that shared innovations within the open-source ecosystem lead to faster market growth, providing even smaller software firms with more limited R&D funds the opportunity to benefit from R&D spillovers present in open-source software. This is because, in contrast to traditional outsourcing, open innovation enhances internal resources by leveraging the collective intelligence of the community, without diminishing internal R&D efforts. Meaning that open-source software companies don’t have to sacrifice their budgets to pursue thought leadership and code outside their organization."

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